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“The shirt fits great, feels great, and is great!”

          - Personal Trainer

“I love the shirt. The fabric is very comfortable & soft! Fits very well!”

          - IG Fitness Model

“Cannot believe the shirt is waterproof. I spilled my gatorade and the shirt was miraculously not wet! I cannot believe it!”

          - Buyer

“I wore the shirt for the entire football season, and when I was done, I walked around school and no one could tell. It did not smell!”

          - Student Athlete

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What is Hydrophobic?

Hydrophobic: adj. tending to repel or fail to mix with water

Hydrophobic shirts use nano-technology to imitate the effects of the lotus flower, a self-cleaning Egyptian flower. Due to this phenomenon, hydrophobic shirts repel all liquids at a 150° angle leaving the shirts 100% dry and stain free. Shirts retain odors when bacteria from your sweat is absorbed, but since hydrophobic shirts do not absorb liquids, they will not obtain odors.


Our Goal

LiveDry's goal is to keep you dry and free of embarrassing spills, odors, and stains. We mimic our shirts after the Lotus Leaf, a self cleaning Egyptian flower. As of today, we sell the only polyester, hydrophobic athletic shirt on the market and are currently offering pre order options on dress shirts and golf polos. Jeans and ties are coming in the future!

LiveDry Cares

At LiveDry, we do not only care about keeping you dry and comfortable in our apparel, but also bettering the world. For each shirt that you buy, we will donate 20 days of safe and clean water children in need. We do this through UNICEF.

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